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ExcellNano NF

ExcellNano nanofiltration NF membranes are uniquely designed for special process separations.


  • Unique 2- or 3-layer chemistry, true NF chemistry (“not loose RO” like NF-90)
  • 3-layer NF has a smooth, hydrophilic thin film microscopic surface
  • 3-layer NF is lower fouling than 2-layer
  • Spiral-wound flat sheet


  • K-type is tighter, lower MWCO
  • L-type is looser, higher monovalent salt passage
  • C-type, custom formulations, please ask

Uses and Applications

  • Separate divalent ions from monovalent ions
  • Concentrate metal ions
  • Separate organics from aqueous salt streams
  • Separate proteins from supernatant
  • Purify acids for reuse
  • Purifying NaCl brine
  • Desalting and concentrating used antifreeze
  • Removing sulfate SO4 from produced water before reinjection
  • Lithium brine purification
  • Treating Copper and other mining waste for discharge to surface water
  • … and hundreds of others

Standard Products

ExcellNano technical specifications: ExcellNano NF-2 & ExcellNano NF-3

Contact us for more information on nanofiltration NF membranes for custom applications.


Membranes are key components of today’s high-technology chemical-free water and process separations. Our ExcellMembranes products can be deployed across many markets and process applications. ExcellMembranes include high silica rejection RO, laboratory RO, specialty NF membranes, specialty UF membranes, and Excellion ion exchange IX membranes.