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ExcellMembranes Products

ExcellMembranes makes and sells UNIQUE membranes and spirals. ExcellPureRO is our high silica rejectino membrane for markets like Japan and Mexico. We make and sell ExcellNano nanofiltration membranes, hydrophilic and Ultraphilic ExcellUltra ultrafiltration membranes. We sell 3M gas-transfer membranes (GTM) for CO2 and O2 removal, and specialty applications like ammonia extraction. Excellion ion-exchange membranes are made and sold here.

“We don’t compete with our customers”

Because ExcellMembranes only sells the membranes for OEM systems, we do not compete with the OEMs we serve. We provide free training in California for our customers covering all aspects of RO, UF, NF, and GTM ranging from fundamental principles and system design considerations to hands-on operation, safety, and maintenance. 

ExcellMembranes develops, manufactures, and sells advanced membrane technology products for high-purity water systems and for process separations. Founded in 2017, we support system integrators in over 70 countries by providing training, support, and high-technology membrane products. 

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