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ExcellLabRO for Laboratory Water

ExcellLabRO™ High Rejection RO Elements for Lab Water


RO for Laboratory Water
ExcellLabRO 1812 High Rejection


Most 1812’s are made cheaply for drinking water.

ExcellLabRO 1812 spirals are made with very high rejection membrane and with high rejection element design and construction.

The difference in performance is stunning!



ExcellLabRO™ membranes achieve rejection of 99.4% at 85 psi (6 bar). Most 1812’s test at 95-97% rejection. Some test at 97-98% rejection.

If feedwater is 500 ppm with 50% recovery, permeate of ExcellLabRO products will be about 4-5 ppm, while other 1812’s will permeate 15-20 ppm.

Labs and Hospitals need Pure Water








ExcellPureRO Element Datasheet