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ExcellMembranes Applications

ExcellMembranes promotes unique membranes for extreme performance for unique and difficult applications.

  • High rejection of Silica (SiO2) is important for semiconductor and power plants. ExcellPureRO membranes are ideal for feeding Electropure EDI.
  • Laboratories need Type I pure water. ExcellLabRO membranes are ideal for feeding Zapwater EDI.
  • Spiral UF for RO pretreatment, use a hydrophilic UF.
  • “Ultraphilic” PAN and regular PAN can treat oily wastewater.
  • Produced water in oil and gas can be purified for reuse or well injection using “Ultraphilic” PAN and NF.
  • Sulfate (SO4) removal upstream of critical processes eliminates scaling. Use ExcellNano to pass water and salt, and reject SO4.
  • Want to purify salt, use ExcellNano NF as a pretreatment to remove TOC, SO4, and Metals.
  • Lithium Li+ separation from Magnesium Mg+2 is done with high monovalent passage ExcellNano NF.
Lithium Purification from Brine using NF


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