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History of ExcellMembranes

History of Spiral Membranes and Elements:

In 1962, OSW and GA worked to develop RO membranes and to make RO practical. Don Bray was a leader in this. About Donald T. Bray

It started with a prototype

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s the US Office of Saline Water (OSW) contracted with many organizations to make reverse osmosis (RO) a reality. One of the companies was General Atomics (GA) in San Diego. There, Don Bray rolled and improved “single leave” spiral. But many others patented versions of this before Bray. Then, in 1965 Don Bray filed for the “multi-leaf” spiral patent, which was published in 1968.

DSI (Desalination Systems, Desal) was born

Word has it that Don Bray was more enthusiastic than GA about commercializing spiral membranes, so he started DSI (a.k.a. Desal). It took over 20 years to grow to $10 million in revenue. Desal was an innovative membrane company. Other membrane companies (Hydranautics, Fluid Systems) focused on commoditizing RO. Desal focused on unique membranes. In 1992 when Osmonics purchased Desal, we made 35 different membranes including NF, UF, MF, and RO.

Continued innovation

ExcellMembranes was conceived in 2013 to continue the specialty membrane business. By then the huge GE had swallowed Desal and began to shed the unique membranes, as they were small businesswise. Suez shed more membranes. Veolia is expected to shed unique, low-revenue membranes.

ExcellMembranes plans to fill the void.

ExcellMembranes brand was conceived in 2013 at SnowPure. The new/separate company went into operation in 2022.

Celebrating our past, building our future

We are actively working to add membrane technologies that make process separations work better.  For example unique hydrophilic NF that can pass water and salts but reject BOD. And several unique ultraphilic UF membranes that can treat “produced water” generated during oil and gas drilling. And the highest silica-rejection membranes in the world.

ExcellMembranes continues to create new innovations while expanding its world market presence in the process and waste water industry.