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About ExcellMembranes

Innovative Membrane Technologies

Born from Don Bray’s membrane company, Desal, we are focused on Innovative Membrane Technologies. Special membranes. Nothing commodity. Special spiral sizes. Special spiral materials. Private label.


Michael Snow started as VP of Membrane Technology at Desal (Desalination Systems) in Escondido, CA, in 1991. We grew the business from $10M to $30M before we sold to Osmonics (then GE, then Suez, then Veolia). At Desal, we made 35 different specialty membranes.

“ExcellMembranes is a component supplier, and does not compete with our Customers”

Sales Policy

Technical support and innovation are keys to success with membranes and separations. ExcellMembranes continues to innovate, develop, and supply membranes and membrane elements for its customers. We support our customers technically and commercially.

ExcellMembranes focuses on Innovative Membrane Technologies


We provide our customers comprehensive training and technical support. Both at the beginning of our relationship and into the future, as we add new products and technologies.

Global Reach

Like SnowPure, ExcellMembranes sells its products in over 70 countries worldwide, and has established global sales offices, distributors, and service centers:

  • ExcellMembranes (Worldwide HQ (Headquarters))
  • Mainland China Sales Office
  • Middle East Sales Office
  • Asia Distributors
    • India
    • Japan
    • Korea
  • Europe Distributors
    • Germany
    • Sweden, Finland, Norway
    • Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia
    • Ukraine, Baltics

Innovative Membrane Products

Membrane separations are vital for waste treatment, water recovery, process separations, and for Ultrapure water treatment.

If you have questions about ExcellMembranes or any of our products, please contact ExcellMembranes.